Main differences between the ebook and the paper book.

Writing a text which faces the electronic book and the paper book doesn´t mean to put one of them above the other one. Doing this we only want to see the main differences between them. We must say that the electronic book is not going to abolish the paper book, at least,  by now. Remember that the printed book has had a main function in the growth of any language, and also in their never-ending.

Even if they have some similarities, this two type of books have many other differences between them. The ebook can be easily transferred from one place to another without being forced to do it physically. For doing this you must be surfing the Internet, but that fact is really easy to carry on nowadays. An electronic book may contain more information and the possibility of accessing to any external data, while the printed book works under the equation “to grater content, the greater number of paper and weight”. Ebooks have also the advantage of being easier to distribute through Internet, and that fact makes them cheaper, and sometimes free, which means that its autor has the opportunity  of being read by many surfers. Electronic book’s last advantage is that it allows us to see videos, imagine, sound etc. Finally we should say something in favour to printed books. When the reader wants to take some note of what he has read it is much more difficult to do it with an ebook, even if it is also available.

In short, both types of book have some advantages and also disadvantages, but it would be great for us the endurance of them all.





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